Your Soul’s Calling

[Ring Ring]


“Hello. May I please speak to You?”

“This is Me. Who’s calling please?”

“This is your Soul calling.”

“My Soul? Wow! How have you been? What’s up?”

“Not much, actually. You, see that’s why I’m calling…”

“Oh no! Is something wrong?”

“Not wrong, really. Just dull and meaningless.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do?”

“Actually, yes. There is something.”

“What? You know I want to help if I can.”

“Good! In that case, perhaps you might remember we are One, and bring me back into your life.”


“Hello? Are you still there?”

“Yes, I’m here.”

“How about it? Can we work together as One, here?”

“Well, you see, I have a lot on my plate right now. You know, the holidays are coming up and there’s this big project at work. I’m pretty busy.”

“Are You kidding Me?”

“Maybe you could call back in February. Things should slack off by then.”


“I’m really sorry. Look, I’ve gotta run. I have an appointment in a few minutes.”

“You know, I’m not going anywhere, and your life would run a lot more smoothly if you would acknowledge my existence.”

“Well… I might be able to squeeze you in this weekend. [ruffling pages] How about Saturday around noon?”


“Hello? Soul?”


“Oh well, it mustn’t have been all that important.”

and… close scene.

Would you treat your best friend this way? Your soul, the one guaranteed relationship you will have from birth to death, is absolutely your best friend.

What does your soul like to do? It likes to dance and sing. It like to hug and it likes to swim. Your soul loves long walks in the woods and loves sitting quietly by candlelight just enjoying its own company.

Your soul likes to try new things. It likes to pick up a paint brush and go wild with colors and textures. It likes to write a poem that no one but you will ever read. Sometimes your soul enjoys testing itself by taking on the things it fears most.

The Egyptians had a word for soul, called Ka. It is our spiritual essence; the life force and divine spark. The gods breathed life into the newly born child, which made them alive.

So often we identifies ourselves only as our thinking mind, also called ego. The ego isn’t merely referring to conceit, but also to the part of our mind that processes information and makes judgments on it. The ego puts on jeans and sneakers and gets to work! At least it does when it is happiest. We misuse our egos constantly by believing they are ‘us’, when actually they are just one tool of the mind that is particularly good at talking really loud.

In contrast, our soul, our Ka, is quiet. It appreciates and comprehends instead of merely processing and judging. It observes phenomena without labels or opinions, and sees into their deeper nature.

How do you develop a relationship with your soul? All forms of artistic expression bring the soul up from the basement and into the light. Meditation is perhaps the surest bet, because (as I mentioned above) the soul comes out when your talking mind shuts up. Make a comfy place for you soul. Light candles, burn incense and put on some softly, soothing music. Your soul will absolutely come to check out that scene.

My personal favorite way to bring my soul to the forefront of my being is to write. Talking, ego mind goes away and I hear and see what seems to miraculously fly from my fingertips. It is a paradox that writing, being about words and ideas, can be soulful instead of ego-driven. But there it is.

There’s one thread that links this all together, and that is listening. Just listen. Calmly and without expectation, open your inner ears to the music of your soul. It’s always singing if you listen.

This year, when you are choosing gifts for those you love, remember your soul, your Ka. The only gift that it ever wants is your time and attention. Time, each day, to be with your best friend.

Peace –

copyright 2009 Teri Nolan