Winter Solstice & A Lunar Eclipse

Last night was a rare Lunar Eclipse that coincided with the Winter Solstice. What an auspicious time for a tarot reading! This cycle reading was done for the time period between the Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox. Maybe the patterns here help to guide you through your journey.

We are entering a period of grace where love rules the day. Our own internal integrity aligns with the larger forces that create a greater sense of harmony, and yes – dare I say it – joy! It is a time to trust, to take those risks, to take up your power and to begin at the beginning. We’ve all been through a lot, and we know not to hold onto those hardships, but to find the blessings in them instead. Be careful how you keep your mind – don’t let monkey brain get in control.

Work on allowing your SELF to speak instead of those ego-driven voices, as doing so reenforces that internal integrity. The truth is, our trials have made us stronger, and there is yet another reenforcement of not holding onto what is past. Keep the faith and keep your heart loving. Old internal perspectives are well and truly over, so don’t hold onto what you think you know. Allow those thoughts to GO, while remembering that the seeds under the earth are waiting for spring’s warmth to bring them forth. There’s no hurry to the rebirthing process, just don’t cling to the old. Can’t say that enough.

The world will continue to appear crazy, but don’t let that influence your own journey. What you do now, as long as it your integrity is honored and your heart is loving, will have strong, lasting consequences. It’s really, really important not to listen to the cultural norms or play the game “their” way. Keep your energy away from that stuff. What arises is new authority, new stability, a broader picture and opportunities to be of service and do good in the world. The trials and challenges have been aligned with that old saying, “That which does not kill me makes me stronger.” That Strength is there now to rely upon.

Flowing over and around and through all of this is a lot of powerful spiritual energy. Spirit is speaking to us if we listen deeply. Watch out for synchronicities and unexpected blessings!

Happy Solstice!
Peace –