Who are we?

There are people who live on the surface of things. They follow the rules of the culture, find their purpose and worth in acquisition, in power-over and in appearances.

There are people who live in the depths, who play at blaming, who believe their inability to achieve and to succeed exists outside themselves. They create the reasons why, and make them the truth of their lives.

There are people who live in fear, and fight and argue and insist that they are right. They believe that if they are not right, the world will crush them. They work diligently to silence any voices in opposition to their beliefs in any way they can.

There are people who are lost. Who follow the way of the crowd, hoping to pass through life unnoticed by its dangers and cruelties. They nod and smile and hold themselves very close, following along with no goal other than to avoid suffering.

There are people who are running. Who flirt with danger and court adventure in order the escape feeling the pain of the world. They move quickly from one experience to the next, never stopping to incorporate their experiences into their being.

There are people who spend their lives analyzing – breaking down life into cause and effect. Always seeking to understand how the world works, its laws and its consequences.

There are people who spend their lives nurturing – caring for others with no thoughts of themselves. Always seeking to heal the wounds, to right the wrongs, to give.

And yes, there are people bent on cruelty. Who thrive on the suffering of others. We can not ignore that this is true.

We are all, all of us, all these people. Yet we are also people who pick ourselves up when life knocks us down. We live and we love and we learn and keep going, believing, hoping, creating a better world each day. We don’t believe the doomsayers, and yet we also don’t believe that everything will work itself out fine on its own. Our minds and hearts and hands are all required to bring the world into a place of peace, of balance, of justice and of love.

Our struggles make us stronger. Our despair opens our hearts to others. Our inability to fix everything humbles us. Our ability to see beauty lightens our burden and inspires us to create more beauty.

Once we see the truth, once we understand that we are both utterly alone and completely connected at the same time, we begin to understand the path to wholeness. We begin to see with our third eye, both inside and outside at the same time. We no longer fight life, but jump joyously into its flow and engage its process with all of our being. We understand that we are in control of our attitude toward life. There is nothing to fear. There is only this step and then the next. There is only taking each step with confidence and joy.

Breathe in the air that is life.
Smile at the sun on your face.
Sing to the moon in the night.
Open your heart to life’s grace.


copyright 2010 Teri Nolan