Where Love’s Peace Resides…

The soul goes wherever it’s welcome.
Doors open and close in endless succession.
The heart knows that love remains true.
The beat just as strong, whatever pain it’s been through.
One day we shall all return home.
And the loss we have suffered will dissolve into none.

Tee's Shroom

As spiritual seekers we all have one great thing in common: We walk this path because we have come to understand the nature of suffering. We may be unhappy, lonely, anxious or in physical pain. We may have lost someone we love, a job, or perhaps even our hopes and dreams. The roots of suffering are many, but in the end, the hurt is the same.

It is just as likely that we have noticed suffering in others; whatever form it may take. Our hearts open, and our minds seeks answers, understanding, meaning…

It matters not what path we walk – the sages of all traditions forever remind us that each is a spoke on the wheel of existence, which all lead to the same source. That source is Love, in a oneness so complete it is infinite.

We seek that infinite love, hoping to connect with it and bring it into our hearts and our world. We seek peace and healing for ourselves and others. We hope to find purpose amidst the chaos of life.

Yes, we are Seekers.

The population swarms over this small planet in an uneasy dream of survival. Most are asleep, misguided and in fear. They are not awake to the simple fact that what is done to one, is done to all. They are not aware that any effort that does not help or elevate yourself or others is wasted effort. Something as simple as preparing a meal, or as complex as curing a disease, all lead to relief from suffering. We cannot judge the outcome of our efforts, but if done with a loving heart, we generate that peace and healing we continually seek.

We are together, and we are walking, holding hands to bolster our courage, and reminding each other that the whispered lies of hopelessness and despair cannot stand against love’s truth. No matter what they tell you, love always wins.

Where love’s peace resides, there is only bliss.

There is nothing to hope for, nothing to fear. We do not lack, we are enough.

My path often takes me through the realms of nature, where the living world fills my heart and inspires my mind. It is how my soul’s spirit strengthens and renews itself, and is the base of my personal power – power that I attempt to use to ease suffering, wherever it exists.

As the seasons begin to change and the light grows stronger, my souls awakens from its long winter’s nap and stretches itself. Spirit will engage once again, repeating the cycle of growth and fruition, bringing new forms of love into the world.

A soft breeze on my cheek, birdsong in my ear, my skin bathed in sunlight, I look around me to see what has changed. I take the measure of the path, and adjust to its new dimensions.

What will love create? A good question for each of us to ask ourselves as we move forward on the path.

Peace –