The “M” Word

magic spring

If there is any time of year that we can believe magic is real, it is the month of May. Just to watch the transformation of dreary brown/gray winter into the explosion of color in May seems a miracle.

Traditionally May is “coming of age” month, when birds, bees and most of the animal kingdom are busy making babies that will grow to be strong enough to survive the coming winter. Fertility runs high, and so does our imagination. And because it is imagination fuels the magic in our lives, I thought this would be a good May Theme.

While the wild fecundity of May seems magical, nature has its laws and cycles that make it work. There is a very A + B = C quality to nature, and though it is often full of beautiful surprises, it pretty much follows it course, season following season, year after year.

Not so the human imagination, which can dream of snow falling softly in a winter forest while in the middle of an August heat wave.


The question becomes, how are we using, or perhaps misusing, our imaginations? I know I have fallen into the trap of fueling all kinds of worrisome events with my own. In fact, worry is a terrible misuse of imagination. Think of all the stressful situations you’ve been through, getting all worked up and imagining the worst, only to have things turn out fine. Not every time, perhaps, but more often than not.

So what can we do with our wonderful capacity to imagine what is not? How might it improve our lives?

If you think of your life as a story, with you as the protagonist, you can begin to imagine many possible outcomes to your current efforts. Envision an outcome that benefits as many people as possible, and keep that imagined outcome strong in your mind as you stay with the process. Not only can this subconsciously direct you to this outcome, it makes the process itself much more enjoyable!

Ever since “The Secret” came out, people have been exploring the Law of Attraction, which uses the power of belief and imagination to get what you want, often what you want materially. But that is a very limited application of your power to visualize and energize your life, and though you may get results, really what good are they? Where is compassion and altruism within the desire for a new diamond watch? Sorry, this is a sore point with me.

You use your imagination most powerfully when you use it inclusively. Spread the joy, in other words!


So how does this tie into a belief in a magical world? What is more magical than people using their minds and hearts to imagine a better world? Just the intention to go out into the world and make each choice based on your vision is a powerful act of magic. If your heart is really committed, and your mind is focused, wonderful things can and do happen.

Here’s the caution. Magical imagination works mysteriously, and if you include too much minutia, you can derail the whole process. Saying, “At five o’clock on Friday I will receive $1000.00,” isn’t how it works. Even if your intention is to give the money to the local animal shelter, it’s unlikely you can manipulate reality in this way.

Instead, if you want to benefit the local animal shelter, imagine it full of dedicated people helping the animals, finding them homes, with lots of community support. The Universe takes care of the details, and usually an opportunity will arise for you to contribute to this picture.

So let this beautiful, magical month inspire your imagination into equally beautiful visions. Love them, hold them strong and have some fun along the way!

As an extra-added bonus, one of my dearest friends has contributed a poem for this month. Enjoy.


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