It’s funny that, as much as I adore the summer months, every year around this time I begin to grow weary of the heat and humidity and long for the cooler breezes and colorful panoramas of autumn. I sometimes think that the autumn is so beautiful just to keep us preoccupied so that we don’t dread the coming winter!

Of course, that’s silly, but that’s me; I love to play ‘let’s pretend’ – to search for meanings and find the patterns.

In that spirit, let’s dance into the land of imagination and metaphor together. Let’s shake off the practical and pragmatic, and fill the Universe with magic.

One thing that helps me to engender this state of mind is to remember that we are Stardust. Before the first stars ever went supernova, the only visible matter in the Universe was hydrogen and helium. It was the death throes of those early stars that created the other elements – nitrogen, oxygen and all the rest – of which life is made. That means, simply put, that every atom in our bodies was created in a sun – a star!

Feeling magical yet?

Here we are, walking around, the reincarnation of actual stars. Wow! Of course, so is every goldfinch and oak tree and blue whale. We are a Stardust family!

Even though this is a truth we can rely upon, it still takes a lot of imagination to feel how precious, how magical, that makes us.

So here we are, ancient stars in new form, living life in all the usual ways, not remembering who we are. But what if we did? What if we remember that the entire 14 or so billion year process of this amazing Universe resulted in making you?

That makes everything you are, everything you do, exquisite and important.


Now usually, we move through life facing challenges, wanting there to be some sense and order to all of life’s craziness. We send prayers out for help and guidance to a great Creator, to spirits and angels. And then, when we have those stretches of time when everything is going well, we forget all about inviting spirit in to influence and aid our paths.

Doesn’t seem quite fair, does it?

We understand the Mysteries by putting them in a human context, so now imagine that you are a guide or angel. Wouldn’t you want to be invited into life when things are going well? Wouldn’t you like to experience some laughter and fun?

What about prayers of joy and exaltation? In our game of imagination (which I consider very real, if not empirical) what if we invite spirit into our blessings?

Let’s make this invitation in a spirit of positivity, in an act of power that might tip the scales in favor of a vibrant and healthy world.

The Buddhists say ‘precious human life’ because being born human is the only way in which enlightenment is available, and thereby the potential to help relieve the suffering world. And yet it is also ‘precious human life’ as in the jewel on top of the mountain of existence – beautiful and shining. What are you doing with it?


It’s a personal question. I don’t pretend to have your answer. I only want to inspire you with the question!

So, it is in the spirit of gratitude for the blessings in my life (which, by the way, also holds great challenges!) that I want to celebrate this twelfth essay, this completion of a full trip around our own star, with some thanks to those who have made these reflections possible.

First to Laura, owner extraordinaire of this website and the little shop that hosts it. Many an essay was concocted over our morning coffee conversations, including the initial idea for Reflections by Tee. She is always inspiring, often my sanity and the truest of friends.

Next to Susan, my dear Sushka, who is one of the bravest souls I have ever known. Fellow writer, beautiful heart and razor sharp wit – we’ve planted many seeds together, and the fruits they have born have contributed to these essays.

To Valerie Hope – comrade in exploring the cosmos with all of its layers and levels. She is a bright and shining angel in human form, in service to the All – a kindred spirit who understands and loves me with open heart and brilliant insight. And, of course, inspiration for these pages!

Finally, to my sister, Linda, who has helped me to heal my heart. The bond of sisterhood, if cherished, is one of life’s greatest blessings. I am more myself because of her presence in my life, and to her I am grateful beyond words.

So now, on to the next twelve Reflections! We may take some new twists and turns together on the path. Dive into deep mysteries and dance on butterfly wings. It’s all wide open!

I want to thank you – dearest reader – for journeying with me. I wish you love and laughter throughout all the days of your life.


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