Reflections Extra: A New Path

I think we are all a bit manic after all the excitement leading up to the election. Whatever our feelings about the outcome, there is a lot of emotional energy we are coping with. What to do with it? That’s the question.

Now more than ever it is time to ground ourselves and find our place of peace within. It’s time to reach out to each other in positive ways, not allowing the ideas of winning or losing to get in the way of our positive potentials.

There is a lot of inspiration to work with at this stage of the game. The path to that inspiration is focused, calm attention. It is through inclusive compassion that we can now create the sense of unity we require to move forward.

We came to the crossroads and we made a choice. Now we’ve placed one foot on the new path we have chosen. What is important to remember is it is not only the path that matters, but also the way we keep our hearts as we walk it.

It helps if we can understand that the place in our hearts that feels joy so intensely is the same place that feels grief. They are one in the same at the core. I experienced this first hand upon the death of my father, over a decade ago. In the moments after his passing, I was filled with wrenching grief. I stepped outside into a rainstorm and let the water wash over me. In that small moment in time, I realized that if I did not assign any labels to what I was feeling, that it also felt like joy. That joy and grief were just different sides to the same emotional coin.

That understanding has aided me ever since. When experiencing emotional overload, I have learned it is best not to hold onto it. Send it out as a blessing to all Beings. Releasing that power to the benefit of all has amazing consequences.

Your heart, which was overfilled and threatening to burst, suddenly feels peaceful. Your thoughts do not attach to whatever outcome you have experienced, but instead a dedicated and purposeful empowerment arises. Grace enters in, and your ability to act returns. Overwhelming emotions have a paralyzing effect, which is why compassion is the antidote. Compassion is simply love in action.

I have mentioned the paradox of connectedness/separateness several times in these essays. It is the idea that we each feel alone in ourselves, but at the same time are intricately connected to each other and all of life. By allowing ourselves to feel that connectedness, we open our hearts in ways that heal.

I keep hearing that old Police song in my head, “One World is Enough for all of Us.”
Especially this line: “We can all sink, or we all float, ‘cause we are all in the same big boat.”

Gotta love Sting.


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