Crystal Buddies

Considering that On the Wings of Dreams Shop has, for the second year in a row, donated a percentage of crystal sales to the local Audubon Society, I thought this an appropriate month to write a Reflections on this theme.

Just why are we so attracted to these lumps of rock and stone? Other
than the obvious reason of many of them being quite beautiful.
There’s nothing like a sparkling amethyst or shimmering moonstone to
delight us visually.

But these bits of our planet have an appeal that goes beyond the
visual. Many of us have had the experience of placing one in our palm
and feeling the energy race up our arm and directly into our minds and

Many types of crystals have unusual properties used in science and
technology. Things like computers, ultrasound devices and watches.
Yet here in Reflections we attempt to focus on the spiritual.

What is our spiritual connection to crystals and gems?

Books have been written on this subject, and provided reasons and
interpretations. There is, however, nothing like personal experience
to let us know just how special they are. While books can be useful,
each person tends to resonate differently with particular stones.

The anecdotal often helps to explain a point. One crystal I resonate
with is Sugilite – a mostly deep purple stone found in only a few places in the world.

This stone is known for its ability to aid those whose nature is
particularly spiritual to exist materially. It’s also recommended for
use by people with migraines. I did not know about either of these
qualities before I was attracted to sugilite. Sure, I like the color
purple, but it was holding one in my hand that blew me away. The
soothing quality of this stone, at least to me, is remarkable.
Interesting that I also suffer from migraines.

I often speculate that just as plants and animals hold a particular
kind of consciousness that humans often find difficult to understand,
so does the mineral world. Our communication and exchanges with these
other kingdoms is not scientific in the usual sense. Instead, the
connection seems transverbal and mysterious.

It’s somewhat easier to understand our feelings toward plants and
animals, as they are life-forms. But what of minerals, that don’t fit
our definitions of life? They don’t breathe, or reproduce or even
move! At least not without a mudslide or earthquake to help them
along. And yet they call to us. We can feel their power and energy
at intuitive levels.

Because the “why” of this is unanswerable, let’s focus on how we can
use them to enrich and enhance our lives.

Here, we can get just a little bit scientific in our methods, in that
we can experiment. Place a stone in your palm and close your eyes.
Focus your awareness on the place where skin and stone meet. Do you
feel heat? Cold? Perhaps a tingling (very common). Stay with this,
and don’t hurry. Notice where the sensations change and move.

Move the crystal to your throat or your third eye. Do the sensations
change? How about your emotions, your state of being? What’s
happening there? Quiet your mind and your thoughts and just notice
what is happening.

Although there are many wonderful, energetic stones that you can
purchase, you can do this experiment with seemingly regular rocks you
find out in nature. Some of my favorite stones have been found this
way. It’s the connection that matters. They do become your buddies.

Working with stones you might notice that you are more attracted to
certain crystals at different times of day, different seasons,
different phases of your life. Once you become familiar with how you
react to a particular crystal, you can reach for it whenever you feel
a need of its energy.

Having crystals around the house for their visual beauty and their
energetic properties can benefit us all in many ways. And I can’t
help but think that the crystals themselves enjoy this exchange with
us. Connection and communication with the plant, animal and mineral
kingdoms helps us to heal and sustain our world. We are, after all,
not alone on this planet. We share it with some very interesting


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