A New Year

Contemplative, reflective. The death of the old gives birth to the new, once again.

Yes, it is a celebration, and for good reason! We’ve made our way through space and time in a circle around the sun. Alright, maybe it’s an elliptical path we travel!

Regardless, the Wheel of the Year has turned, and with it we experience our own ups and downs – our own gains and losses. But here we are, again, embarking on a brand new journey.

And it is new in so many ways. The world has changed at a rapid pace since the dawn of the new millennium, and shows no signs of slowing down. There is a lot to acclimate ourselves to, and even more to integrate. How will we adjust? Cope? Thrive?

How, indeed.

Believe me, I’m not sitting here in my corner of southern Virginia with all the answers. Just like you, I’m listening, watching, waiting to see what possibilities and opportunities open up in the midst of challenges and confusion.

Because they always do so. In fact, I believe that’s just when the best opportunities open up.

What we are looking for are opportunities for healing, for expanded compassion and for true freedom of the mind and spirit.

Basically, to put a stop to all this suffering and truly learn to be human – together.

That’s quite the task for seven billion plus people.

Yet, that’s not quite the whole story. We also must learn to take proper care of all the varied life that supports us. We can’t separate out from it. Personally, I would never want to, but my opinion here is irrelevant. We must. We have no choice.

And therein lies the beautiful opportunity. This is the fertile ground that brings forth our creativity and our noble spirits. Our genius.

Some may argue that when things get tough, the worst parts of human nature arise. That may be true in finite times and places, but always and forever there is a Christ, a Buddha, a Gandhi, a Mohammad – and on and on.

I like to think that maybe there could be seven billion of them here and now – all primed to wake up to their true natures!

Eternal optimism? Hopeless Idealist? If you like. It’s a label I’m comfortable with.

But as I sit here on this eve of 2009, hours away from turning the calender page, I am filled with a dogged and persevering surety of purpose.

Opportunities? You bet!

Here we go.

Peace –