Local Crafts and Jewelry

Sarah Amendola

Natural Stone Jewelry

Sarah Jewelry

Sarah Amendola’s work in natural stone jewelry has brightened so many of our customers’ lives. She’s the lovely lady who makes the stone stretch bracelets folks can’t get enough of. Working with unusual stones like Blue Kyanite and Prehnite, Sarah has a genuine talent for creating necklaces and other jewelry with designs you just can’t find elsewhere.

Cassie Bosley

Quilt Art by Cassie Bosley

Cassie is an amazing quilter who interprets natural and spiritual themes into beautiful hand-stitched wall hangings. Chakras, mandalas, ecology and more will add color and inspiration to your special space.

Erin Ewer



Earrings by Erin Ewer

Local fantasy artist Erin Ewer creates a myriad of enticing fairies, birds and magical herbs in watercolor. We are delighted to carry her prints and other lovelies crafted from them, like journals, boxes, key-chains and bookmarks.

Feywood Sculptures

Feywood 1

Feywood 2

Although they’re from Indiana, we consider Beth and Zeeb our local friends because they stop in regularly to see us and grace the shop with their fantastical fae!

Karen Kempter

Snowflakes by Karen Kempter

Karen Kempter, known as “Kern” to my kids who couldn’t pronounce her name when they were little, is the creator of those beautiful snowflakes that appear in the shop windows every winter. Hand crocheted, then meticulously pinned and starched, she makes her “Kernflakes” just like the real ones: no two are exactly the same!

Terri St. Cloud

Bone Sigh Arts Poetry and Watercolors

Bone Sigh Arts

Terri St. Cloud is the creator of Bone Sighs original poetry and watercolors. Every day we witness how deeply her words touch our customers’ hearts and spirits. Born out of a very difficult time in her life, Bone Sighs are Terri’s way of finding strength and bringing herself back into the light, allowing us to hitch a ride on the journey with her.

Donna Wallace

Donna 1

Donna 2

Donna 3

Donna 4

Donna 5

Donna Wallace

Donna Wallace molds earth into art. Her truly original ceramic pieces, from Japanese style incense burners to jewelry and hanging charms, incorporate a spirit that is uniquely Donna. The beautiful cone-shaped “Sacred Vessels” can be filled hopes and dreams, or even just potpourri!