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On the Wings of Dreams is a beautiful little shop celebrating more than fifteen years of presence in historic Shepherdstown, West Virginia. We offer a broad selection of gifts, and tools carefully selected to be of help to spiritual journeyers: crystals; books and music; incense; sages, shells and prayer feathers; magical and ceremonial herbs; Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan and Pagan altar pieces; essential oils; Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, and beautiful sterling silver and natural stone jewelry.

What is the Dream?

The dream is to offer a place of spirit, peace and community to all who enter. It is to provide tools of spirit with love and good intention. Each day we offer these words to as a blessing for those who enter:

“May all those who will benefit from the little shop’s blessings today find their way to us. If they have questions, may they find answers. If they feel lost, may they find direction. May their experience here be one of peace and beauty. May they carry that peace and beauty with them on their journeys.”

We respect all paths of spirit, seeing each one as valid on the great universal wheel. In particular, we honor and celebrate paths that revere the earth.

"Reflections" are the heart's work of our friend Teri Nolan. Through her words she nurtures our souls, enlivens our spirits, and helps us move through our journeys just a bit more in touch with our own true selves.

Where Love’s Peace Resides…

The soul goes wherever it’s welcome. Doors open and close in endless succession. The heart knows that love remains true. The beat just as strong, whatever pain it’s been through. One day we shall all return home. And the loss we have suffered will dissolve into none. As spiritual seekers we all have one great […]

Find and Nourish Peace

Still, in the midst of it all, we must sometimes lay down our burdens and surrender our souls to the loving power of the Universe.


As I sit down to write this little essay on the Yule season, I am filled with memories from the past.